Nov 16, 09:32 PM: Why BrowserCam rocks

I’ve been using BrowserCam for months now, and I must say, I can’t find a better site testing utility anywhere. I’ve tried SiteVista and the Safari Screenshot Generator, but neither of them stack up to the features BrowserCam provides.

First of all, it took me only five minutes to take 163 screenshots of the new portfolio design, which I’m happy to say only has display problems in 4.0 browsers. Yeah, that’s right, only five minutes. Pretty fast compared to the wait times for other services.

And then there’s the remote testing ability, so I can actually test my site, instead of seeing just screenshots. I can see how the navigaiton works, if my rollovers look good, JavaScripts, Flash, and more.

If that’s not enough, there are more than 10 computers available for remote testing, with probably about 50 different browsers to use. Than you can take screenshots at different screen resolutions, in different languages, with or without Flash, and you can even enter the number of times the screenshot generator should hit the page down key to view the bottom or middle of your site. Finally, you can export your screenshots as JPGs, BMPs, PNGs, photoshop open source files, and PDFs. There are also a number of great filters, like delayed captures and website crawling for links.

It truly is a great service, and nothing else even holds a candle to it. I’ll never use anything else again, unless I go broke, that is. Feel free to share your own experiences with BrowserCam or any other similar services.